Chatbots: What to Know and Where to Begin

A Free Webinar Hosted by Regina Leung


Chatbots: What to Know and Where to Begin

A Free Webinar Hosted by Stacey Seronick

Live Webinar Ended. Watch the  recording!

Live Webinar Ended. Watch the  recording!

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Learn how to use chatbot solutions to accelerate your business and be more productive.

Creating a conversational, engaging product is a universal need for tech. The latest technology that seems to fill this need is a chatbot - and not unlike most new technologies that come down the pike, business leaders and product managers are clamoring to create them.

But are they really the answer to engaging your consumer? When and in what cases should they be used, and when would it be better to craft an alternative?

Stacey Seronick is a renowned expert in creating conversational experiences within products through the use of AI, chatbots and robots. In this free webinar, Stacey will dive into the ins and outs of chatbots, share use cases suited for chatbot solutions, and jumpstart you on creating that experience. 

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What to expect from the webinar

Determining Whether to Create a CUI

We’ll cover the three critical steps needed to figure out whether a chatbot is the right solution for your business use case.

Due to current technical limitations as well as cultural norms and expectations, there are two types of use cases which are best-suited to chatbot solutions. We’ll explore what those are and why.

Use Cases Best-Suited for Chatbots

Chatbots for Beginners

You’ve got a use case that seems ripe for a chatbot solution – great! There are 4 basic steps to take to create it.

To keep everyone organized and analyzed based on their particular use case, a free spreadsheet template will be shared and reviewed with attendees.

Bonus- Free Chatbot Template

Schedule & Speakers

AI Experience Designer

Moderated by  Samantha Karlin

Dir. Global Community

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10:00 AM PST

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Should I Create a CUI

10:20 AM PST

Use Cases for Chatbots

10:30 AM PST

How Do I Start?

10:40 AM PST

Bonus Template

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